a Hollywood crime novel

Bob Stanwick, a British screenwriter in Hollywood, learns that his wild and eccentric special effects expert brother Ken is the prime suspect in a string of serial killings in the City of Angels.

It quickly turns into a race against time to prove his innocence or tragically establish his guilt.. All this is complicated by an evil and intelligent killer who keeps both Bob and the police gussing till the very end.

COMING to Kindle and paperback Spring 2015

a Mesoamerican science fantasy

Billie Marx, a young particle physicist with a tragic secret, searches for the truth behind her reality. She is helped by a wooden cigar store indian and a Mexican masked wrestler as they chase the biggest questions on Earth on a quest through modern day Mexico CIty.

The secrets of life, the Universe, quantum physics, the truth about peyote and why you should always be open to answers even from unlikely sources.

On Kindle and in paperback Q3 2015




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